Friday, March 11, 2011

all play and no work makes ming a guilty boy

so I'm trying to pick up golf properly this time.
and be really good at table tennis.
and finish that MV.
and lose some weight.

let's not forget, I still need to pass my damn exams.

The only thing I am good at is procrastinating.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

now that i've finally graduated.. is no different.
first day of work i did less work than i did as a med student.
either i was fucking hardworking as a student or my job is fucking awesome.
sleeping on dr beh's floor at the moment with san making me dinner every night. win.

a friend of mine met han nien and picked up almost instantly that he had a dysfunction of the endocrine type.
anyway 42 degrees hot. cbf writing more. ciao my little ponies.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Silly entertainment

This bunch of guys are actually quite entertaining lol.

In other news, it is job application time. Not doing very well at the moment. Deportation is a horrible thing to happen to anyone.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010 approaches

so i thought i'd start a countdown of the most significant events of the past year within the (somehow still surviving) LB lives!
seeing how we're all over the place, i don't really know what's going on, so if i can't think of anything that actually happened, i'll just make something up. and seeing how the only person's life in which i really know what's going on is my own, that's the only countdown that is totally true in terms of significance.

goodness knows if i'll update this everyday till new years, but hey, i tried.

at number 6!
sharing the 6th spot -

sk - met a celebrity while flying
cm - saw coldplay/jay-z live in concert
tim - didn't crash a car
hn - under a thumb
wj - bought a fridge

till tomorrow!

dum dum dummmmm

Monday, December 14, 2009


Ray's eyebrows have more emotion than Lloyd Daniels.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The effeminate man

The world is becoming confused. The last decade has seen the revolution of the transgender. Men loving men loving women loving women who are men who were women. The fundamentals of species, sex, now becoming a mishmash of contemporary made-up abstracts of the bohemian lifestyle. There are no more lines dividing the XX from the XY. No more unwritten social rules on how should a particular gender perform. Ironically, there are now legislated laws that tell us how we should all have no rules nor restrictions when it comes to exploring what was once sacred. Sexuality.

Speaking of which, if you were a woman(or man), who would you date and why?

1. Vampire

2. Socialite

3. Singer Dancer Basketball Player

Friday, December 04, 2009

Dear carrie.

I offer my sincerest apologies to you. =(

Monday, November 30, 2009

My foot fell sick

Hello happy healthy earthlings!

So I fractured my 5th metatarsal about a month ago and now I listen to disco and imagine I could dance boogie to Earth, Wind and Fire with my legg-o-wrap. Like they say, "once broken, considered sold." I guess what is broken in me, I have to learn to live with it. I know below are things I should have known since the day I could see and walk, but we tend to be superheroes sometimes, sooooo... here is what I learned from my fall!

1. Always look ahead where you are stepping on.. ESPECIALLY if you know there's a stairs/slope coming.
2. On the staircase, if any point of time your loose footwear decides to make for a run, do NOT ever ever EVER try to catch it. It is obviously gonna land soon and it will not break. I attempted to catch my flimsy slipper which in the end i had not and i broke a bone.
3. And... if you do break something already, might as well live to it with style...

Presenting yours truly, the model. Photographer: Mr X-ray machine. Art director: Ms Radiographer.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Greetings from Brisbane, Australia!

Cmingo has kindly invited me to blog here, so HELLO!

Some of you might not know of my existence, so allow me to introduce myself. I'm Nadia, also known as Cmingo's friends-stealer, and Kah Heng and Eugene's housemate here in Brissy.

So here I am enjoying my summer holidays, while Kah Heng and Eugene are studying like crazy for their finals. C'est la vie d'etudiant m├ędical!

Anyway, this post serves as an introduction because I haven't got any interesting blog material just yet.


Friday, November 20, 2009



Thursday, November 05, 2009


I think the blogosphere or whatever the young kids are calling it nowadays need to get together and start writing the ten commandments of blogging.

I don't care what the other 9 would be, but number one must be:

1. Thou shalt not write blogs if you cannot have grammar and spelling right.

Small mistakes are acceptable. Colloquialism is after all part of the charm of being a convoy of any language; your accent, your style, your flavour if you will. In that sense, GOOD manglish is acceptable, in fact here at lectureboys we use it everyday and we are proud of it.

But when a blatant piece of broken grammar or spelling stares at you in the face and pokes you in the eye with the hot burning rod of toe-cringing, enough is enough.

You know what the worst thing is? These people, instead of bothering to do a simple spell check for their previous monstrosity, write ANOTHER blog to JUSTIFY why they should have poor English and why you should leave them alone.

Things like:

"Oh these is my personel blog, my english is poor but I don't care because you don't have to read if you don't like bla bla bla"

"My english is not good but I dont care because whats more important is me as a person."

"Oh hello i am an ugly girl and i need to camwhore and go to sungai wang"

You don't have to master the language to be a blogger. That will be extremely boring. But if you are going to be dyslexic when telling us your daily adventures, then my advice would be 1. just post pictures 2. seek help

Why am I venting?
it's that time of the year I suppose.

Monday, October 26, 2009


so many posts. surprisedness is me.
some odd force (boredom) somehow compelled my hand to type in these letters and surf on over to what i thought was a long abandoned piece of cyberspace real estate. credit crunch? pffft
the mortgage market is recovering.

anyway, in a moment of inspiration i had wanted to blog out a thoughtful tear-jerking post about marriage and love and all that sorta jazz. but then i decided that irreverance and toilet humour are so much more entertaining. so much more me anyway. hence the posting on lb.blogspot as opposed to ofg.blogspot waka waka. plus i'm sucker for trends.

introducing -

Love Ahnyo
Korea's latest pop sensation boyband, with it's first hit single - "love is a kimchi"

love is a kimchi
whether it's sweet or spicy
you still gonna eat-y
love is a kimchi

love is a kimchi
whether preserved or fermented
it's still gon'be masticated
love is a kimchi

ooooo wa oo wa oo oooooo

potatoes (tatoes)
cabbage (cabbage)
anchovies (chovies)
peanuts (nuts nuts)

in every shape and sizes
no matter what the price is
love is a....
keeee-eeem chiiiiiiiiii

keeee-emm chiiii
kee-emm chiii
kee-em chi...

for those who don't know, boon and sarah tied the proverbial knot yesterday, the 25th of october, 2009. photos on various fb pages, notably adrian's, zk's and linda (last name unpronouncable)'s so far. check it out. boon's got the biggest smile ever. it was so big they had to cut out some cheek to fit the rest of it. i had the food gortune to fly down to brissie to watch boon commit to a life of slavery and occasional sexual gratification. actually i was just looking for an excuse to visit oz and try the wines. and see tim. see, i thought tim would be there. although kk is nearer to perth than brisbane. oh and have some bacon. did you know that bacon in kk is 12 bucks/100g??? that's 10 times the price of bacon in canada, even after conversion.


vinery wedding > church wedding anyday yo. i mean, there's still wine in church, but it's not really the same you know?

and beach weddings are just sandy and messy. not to mention salty. and fishy *snigger*

coldplay and jayz live in concert? i hope you fail frcopth.
oh and thanks tim for the birthday wishes. i only just saw them, now what about that huh the wish was on time but the recognition belated. the world is a funny place.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


so who's going to be in kl from the 10th-14th nov? lemme know!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

rarrrrr in geraldton.

i've been in geraldton almost 2 weeks now. isolation is really getting to me. thank god i was posted here with the other guy and we get along generally well otherwise i'd have gone nuts by now. i shoulda driven here - the idea of walking 30 mins + to get to the beach isn't as appealing to me.

geraldton is huge. i think the best gauge of a town's size is the presence of maccas, KFC. there's even a regional art gallery so short of being 5-6 hrs away from perth, there's nothing different here from a suburb in perth.

somehow uni decided that rural GP = aboriginal health so dan and i have been posted full time to the geraldton regional aboriginal medical service. i'm glad because the monotony of doing gp in a small town for 4 weeks is akin to getting a kidney stone. at least 2 weeks into the term and a million patients later i haven't been asked to look at hypertension or have to pretend to be remotely interested in someone's mole. instead i get to do STI and BBV screens at the prison, take random plasma glucose 20x a day and even work with a psychiatrist. ownez bonez. at the end of the day i still have to walk 30 mins to the clinic when dan isn't driving there and sometimes u just cbf - another caveat when you choose to go somewhere without researching anything.

i'll be going out bush in a week's time to remote communities and i'm actually excited to be out of here. at least no more gp-ness once i go since we're leaving after the weekend. the downside is i have done nothing to prepare for exams and i know i will get a shit mark when i do my case discussions.

trying to decide what to do after exams before convo - was hoping to go to kl at some point but doesn't sound like anyone else is back. christmas in melb woooo cos my sistah she's a-graduating! huzzarhs.